App for new Huawei devices (USA embargo)


I’m using Yapeal since 3 months and I like YAPEAL and its community.

If you are using smartphone device such Huawei P40,or mate 40, google services cannot be installed because USA embargo. Wihout google service, you cannot access to PlayStore and without Playstore you cannot install YAPEAL.

My first question is, YAPAEL are you using GMS (google mobile service) into your app ? If not, could you just insert a link to download your app directly from your official website ? If yes, could you eventually port your app using HMS (Huawei Mobile Service) ?

Huawei launched their own framework, please see the website : HMS - HUAWEI Mobile Services - HUAWEI Developer

Thank you for your help. I don’t want to change my phone and either don’t want to migrate to an other service like “YUH” or “NEON” (their app are already available in AppGallery of Huawei.)

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Hi @Miguel

Many thanks for your request about Huawei App Gallery. We’re in contact with Huawei and made some analysis about the implementation effort.

So we know how much it will be, but unfortunately it hasn’t got the priority to implement it currently. Now your and hopefully many other would love to use Yapeal from the Huawei Gallery we will consider it in one of our road map planning. Once it will become close to the implementation, you will find it in our Roadmap.

Thanks for your post and we will keep you posted.


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Hello @Dani ,

Any news about huawei integration ? For now, UBS, Neon, YUH, Swissquote are officialy available on Huawei appgallery.

Thank in advance for your reply.



Hi Miguel

Unfortunately not. We will come back to you once we have the opportunity to proceed.